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Bears Ears sold on the myth of tribal co-management


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Liberal Politicians Push Bill to Outlaw Non-Approved Speech on the Internet

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Report: What’s Next for America’s Public Land?

Despite HR 621’s smack-down, many federal public-lands

transfer bills are still circulating Capitol Hill

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Agriland: Brazilian beef and poultry industry plunged into major scandal


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Nevada beats D.C. by turning off their water

Can states legally – and successfully – shut off water to a federal agency?

Absolutely, it has already been done.

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Regulatory Game Changer

Hello folks,

Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) has created a website, to energize the updated Congressional Review Act.  I'm on the front end of understanding this, but so far it appears that Congress is finally taking back some of its legislative powers from arrogant federal agencies that publish guidance policy books and rules without first submitting these policies to review under the Congressional Review Act. Unless and until federal agency guidance policies and rules are submitted to the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) and the Congressional Review Act office, these rules are and have been illegally implemented.

Please watch the 16 minute YouTube video (link below) that very well explains the opportunity we have here.  Pacific Legal Foundation is asking folks across the country to help them locate bad federal rules that have cost folks jobs, property, jail time, etc. These would be rules where federal agencies entirely skirted Congress and pounded the rules/regs down on private citizens, counties, states, etc.

Here's the link:

We are thinking that as we understand this better, we may locate rules that do not appear on a list compiled by PLF, which would mean the rule was never submitted to OMB and Congress.  I'd bet money there's a few policy guidelines and "rules" that the BIA never bothered submitting to Congress.

As I said, I just learned about this today, and there's more to learn, but I think we have a new tool, and help from Pacific Legal Foundation, to knock out really bad guidance policies and rules that Congress was/is entirely unaware of.

Elaine Willman

Learn more about the Pacific Legal Foundation here:

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