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2006 Voter Fraud Specific to the Tester Election

Many of us are aware of 2006 voter fraud specific to the Tester election on the Crow and Blackfeet Reservation.  The video below confirms voter fraud on the Fort Peck Indian reservation specific to pushing Tester in to office.  Check out the news release video below. 

Unless the State of Montana ceases to allow polling precincts on federal trust land on Indian reservations, where no state election authority or enforcement exists, we may expect the same rigging of primary (June 5) and general (Nov. 8) elections in 2018, that have continued since 2006. Something MUST be done!

At a Philadelphia trial lawyer's convention in July 2008, Governor Brian Schweitzer was taped joking about serious election misconduct in the 2006 US Senate Race. Listen to his remarks here.