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Action Alert: Candidate's Promise to Protect Citizen's Property Rights

Hello Friend,

Do you want to shake up this election? 

Property rights are hardly ever talked about during election campaigns.

Even though local governments are •grabbing private land acres at a time

•bull dozing whole neighborhoods with eminent domain

• banning single family homes

•and threatening landlords if they simply ask prospective renters if they can afford to rent their property

The bottom line is that private property rights have no voice in our elections!

I’m ready to change that! Are you?

How do we do that? Simple.  I have prepared a “Candidate’s Promise to Protect Citizen’s Property Rights.

The Candidate’s Promise is very simple. It has a very specific definition of property rights – written by a state Supreme Court Justice. Under that definition there is one question – do they support property rights as defined.

 It couldn’t be any easier.

Right now candidates want and need your support. Now is the time when you have their attention.

Here are two ways you can use this Candidates Promise.

First, print out copies of the Candidates Promise. Make one for each candidate you want to approach.

Then when you meet your candidates in person and they are shaking your hand or appearing at a public forum – simply present them with the Candidate’s Promise and ask them to sign it. If they refuse, then you know they won’t support private property rights.

If they do sign it then you have a powerful tool in your hand once they get elected.

Second, you can email the Candidates Promise directly to your local candidates (and even send one to already established elected officials). 

Just use the link: – email it to your candidates and ask them to sign and email it back to you. (I’ve provided a little note at the bottom of this email that you can use for your email instructing them on what to do and why!)

You can also share this link with friends and ask them to send it to the  candidates as well. The more copies each Candidate receives, the more pressure you can put on them to support property rights.

Together, using this tool, you and I are going to finally make Private Property Rights a major issue across the nation.

We have to start putting elected official's feet to the fire.

Do they or do they not support your right to be secure in your home, free of the fear that private developers and greedy politicians are going to take it at their whim??

Agenda 21 tyranny over our property must be stopped.

So now – stand up – use this new tool I’ve created and take the property rights fight directly to those who want to represent you in government.

Do they support property rights or not? Now is the time to find out.

And will YOU stand with me to help APC keep up this battle? Let me hear from you today. Support APC with an immediate donation so I can pressure these candidates to protect your property rights.   

I intend to win. Join me!!

Yours in Freedom,

Tom DeWeese