This West Is OUR West

American Tribal Tyranny: A Book Review

I started reading American Tribal Tyranny as soon as it arrived this morning. Wow! You're really taking on the status quo right from the giddy-up. Somewhere in the vast Mainstream Media there must be a good number of reporters who will find what you have to say not only eye-opening and newsworthy but also a ticking bomb that could set off a dramatic shift in the way the government and the legislative branch manage Indian issues.

I wish I could think of a strategy you could deploy to land a favorable and detailed review in a newspaper like the New York Times or the Washington Post. News flows from east to west and if you want to make an impact you have to go with the flow. Anyway, good luck on promoting the book. TV people all suffer from inferiority complexes and, as such, follow the newspapers in their reporting, even in deciding what books get reviewed.

I think you're going to enjoy your greatest success in your career with the positive impact of this book.

Fred in New York