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Author of shocking expose' talks about BLM director William Woody's patterns of abuse


 “…because I was the only person that was not incarcerated, indicted, not arrested, did not turn into a confidential informant, did not plead guilty, did not forfeit property, and did not commit suicide. Also, I believe that the information was given to me because I was standing up for my rights and challenging the United States Attorney’s office…”

By Marjorie Haun

A confidential informant recently contacted Free Range Report with insider accounts about the ongoing cronyism, corrupt hiring practices, overspending and abuse of government vehicles and travel time of the current head of Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement, William C. Woody. Our informant shared shocking details about Woody’s practices and policies which now span two decades, beginning with his job in the Utah Department of Natural Resources. Nepotism, favoritism, arrogance, and pure corruption have marked Woody’s career from the Utah DNR, to the BLM, then to the national Fish & Wildlife Service, and back to BLM, where he currently works out of his Salt Lake City office.

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Our informant’s accounts are not unusual, and seem to align with other whistleblower descriptions of lawlessness, rampant nepotism and abuse among the BLM’s top law enforcement officials, most notably, Daniel P. Love, the disgraced Special Agent in Charge (SAC) who, according to our informant, was demoted from his position, but may be drawing a government disability pension for “work-related stress.” The “Wooten Letter,” a leaked whistleblower account which detailed malfeasance on the parts of BLM officials and federal prosecutors and ultimately resulted in Federal Judge Navarro dropping all charges against most Bundy Ranch defendants, depicted Love as a depraved criminal.

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Chris Kortlander, the founder of the Custer Battlefield Museum in Garryowen, Montana and author of the shocking expose’, “Arrow to the Heart,” was contacted by a whistleblower in 2012, who also provided extensive details about Woody’s ongoing malfeasance, which are consistent with more recent accounts of Woody’s abuses. The 2012 account also lays out an institutional “good ol’ boys” network in FWS, where Woody served as Law Enforcement director until 2017. Nepotism, unjustified GS raises, and lavish expense accounts went unchecked by Woody, and it appears that his own corrupt practices gave others free rein to abuse the federal civil service system. Free Range Report interviewed Chris about his experiences, and why exposing Woody and others in federal law enforcement agencies is so important.

See the leaked document letter that inspired “Arrow to the Heart” here (beginning pg 4)

Photo by Andrew Turck: Custer Battlefield Museum Director Christopher Kortlander holds a copy of his new book, Arrow to the Heart: The Last Battle at the Little Big Horn: The Custer Battlefield Museum vs. The Federal Government.

FRR: Tell me a little about what was happening when you received the whistleblower document in 2012.

CK: 2012 was 7 years after my first raid in 2005.  I was still in a legal battle with the US attorney’s office for the return of all the museum artifacts, computers, and personal files. I remember going to the post office and picking up the red white and blue priority envelope addressed to me. Sometimes I don’t open my mail until days later when I have the time. So the envelope sat on my desk unopened for about three days. When I finally opened it and read the first 10 pages, I really didn’t understand the importance or what the document really pertained to, until I read further. I was amazed how the whistle blower document detailed the BLM raids and named all the Agents with specifics. I was blown away how detailed the document was and how determined the author was to make sure that this bombshell landed in my hands.

About two years earlier I authored a detailed complaint (over 50 pages) to the Office of Inspector General of the DOI. My attorney and I specifically outlined the violations of my constitutional guarantees, and alleged multiple felonies, misdemeanors. At the very least the BLM Agents were knee deep in misfeasance and malfeasance.

FRR: Why do you suppose the whistleblower reached out to you?

CK: I believe because I was the only person that was not incarcerated, indicted, not arrested, did not turn into a confidential informant, did not plead guilty, did not forfeit property, and did not commit suicide. Also, I believe that the information was given to me because I was standing up for my rights and challenging the United States Attorney’s office at every corner. I believe that the author knew I was not going to sit on the leaked document.

FRR: How did it inspire you to write Arrow to the Heart?

CK: The Leaked Document was a smoking gun that linked Cerberus action, Custer Battlefield Museum, and the Gibson Guitar raids to a common denominator…money….money….It’s all about the money.  The appropriations that the DOI Federal Law Enforcement agencies receive from the United States Congress, every October 31st at the end of the Federal Fiscal Year.  More Specifically the BLM Law Enforcement Division receives 261 million dollars for 211 BLM LE Agents…per year. That’s over a million dollars an Agent.  What’s wrong with this picture? I felt a patriotic duty to make sure that WE THE PEOPLE knew everything that was being exposed to me for the first time in the leaked document.

FRR: Tell me what kind of response you’ve had from the general public regarding your book. Are readers surprised or outraged by tactics being used by federal LEO’s?

CK: So far, ARROW is a solid 5-Star review on Amazon. The reviews speak very highly of the story that ARROW tells. (See reviews for Arrow to the Heart)

To the second part of the question, I’m not too hard of a person to track down and get hold of on the phone. I’ve had readers call me and thank me profusely to having the backbone and the wherewithal to tell this horrific story, and the lives that were taken from individuals that were harassed, verbally belittled and threatened by BLM Agents

FRR: Since you have had face to face interactions, some very frightening, with LEO’s from the BLM, why do you think they are so willing to ignore the civil and property rights of Americans, as they did in your case?

CK: Because they are deep-staters, and the BLM Agents answer to nobody. Once the Agents that get paid over six digits get that little gold badge that says US on it, they think they are invincible and untouchable.

FRR: Do you think there is a disconnect between directors like Woody, and the field agents in agencies such as BLM and FWS? Why?

CK: No, I don’t think there is a disconnect. The agents are Woody’s puppets and follow his direct orders, wishes and instructions. Woody is the one in my leaked document that ordered the raid on high-profile targets, only to better his career.

FRR: You have spoken with Greg Gianforte, the chairman of oversight for the House Committee on Natural Resources, about the over-militarization of these agencies, and the utter lack of accountability at the top. Has Representative Gianforte given you any indication that Congress is willing to seriously tackle this issue?

CK: No, when I met with the Congressman, I only had a few minutes to discuss in detail the issues at hand.  I believe that he will do the right thing and under the direction of the President of the United States and the secretary of the Interior, he will play a key role on draining the swamp. He did send me a hand written note last week that he’s reading ARROW. (see letter below)

FRR: If you could give Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke any direction in reforming land management agencies, especially the BLM, FWS, and others under the direction of Interior, what would you tell him?

CK: The first thing I would tell the Secretary is that William Woody needs to be fully investigated by the Office of Inspector General of the DOI. Keep in mind, Dan Love was fully investigated by the OIG and the truth was told and published. What happened? Nothing! As you know we are just learning that Dan Love more likely than not going to receive a full Federal Medical Retirement. So that means he will get paid over six digits, and be able to carry a concealed weapon as a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the rest of his life.

I would also explain to him the reason why the Law Enforcement Division of the BLM should be unfunded by Congress, and how the BLM should be a civil department only. The overzealous former BLM agents could be utilized on our United States boundaries by joining border patrol of ICE by laterally transferring.

At the very last the Secretary and Congressman are both reading ARROW. I am sure that will be an eye opener to both of them.

All the stars are lining up to make something happen. Trump, Zinke and Gianforte make a hell of a team.

FRR: Thanks so much. Keep up the great work. Your accounts are incredibly important to the American people.