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Bombshell New Book Offers Revelations about Federal Agents' Overreach and Exposes How a US Senator Jon Tester was Elected in Stunning Voter Fraud Scheme


As the current Trump Administration tries to undo a decade of executive overreach by the Obama Presidency, so too do ordinary citizens who lived under the thumb of our monstrous federal bureaucracy. After years of enduring threats and persecution from corrupt government officials, Christopher Kortlander, owner of the historic town of Garryowen, Montana and Founding Director of the Custer Battlefield Museum, assembled a legal team who launched an aggressive defense against the federal government and won.

Christopher Kortlander’s book, Arrow to the Heart: The Last Battle at the Little Big Horn: The Custer Battlefield Museum vs The Federal Government, exposes vast government corruption and malfeasance that continues to grab headlines today. Akin to the efforts of the Trump Administration, Kortlander continues to try to root out these corrupt federal law enforcement agents, expunging them from their lofty positions.

In an engrossing and entertaining narrative, Kortlander exposes crooked federal agents operating within the Bureau of Land Management and National Fish and Wildlife Service.  Over a period of years, these agents orchestrated raids in an attempt to make high profile arrests, to further individual careers, and to boost the standing and funding of the bloated federal agencies for which they worked.

These raids included the 2014 conflict known as the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada, Operation Cerberus Action that took place in rural Utah, and the 2011 Gibson Guitar raid. Operation Cerberus saw the suicide deaths of three of our fellow citizens as a result of over-the-top interrogations by BLM agents pursuing personal agendas. The dishonest agents overseeing these raids set out to not only make unwarranted high-profile arrests and seize their personal property, but also to purposely destroy people’s lives.

Shocking revelations have recently come to light exposing the vicious actions of the agents involved in these raids. Specifically, recently fired BLM Special Agent in Charge Dan Love, who oversaw the Bundy Standoff and Operation Cerberus Action, was revealed to have created “kill lists” and “suicide lists” naming people being investigated. He was exposed for having created the lists long before any of the suicides took place. Sealed court documents reveal that Love’s BLM kill lists at Bundy Ranch included targeting those of Mormon faith, labeling them a dangerous cult.

Kortlander also tells his own story of the spring of 2005 when a federal raid took place at the Custer Battlefield Museum. Federal agents alleged that he was of selling valuable historical artifacts with false provenance, and illegally possessed eagle feathers. It was while fighting these false allegations, that Kortlander received a document from an unnamed government official detailing the level of corruption and espionage taking place in the law enforcement agencies of the Department of the Interior.  Confirming what Kortlander was seeing take place all around him, the document also exposed BLM Agent Dan Love as one of the main culprits of this malfeasance. There are stunning connections between Kortlander’s Custer Battlefield Museum raid, the Gibson Guitar raid, and Operation Cerberus Action.

In this volume, Kortlander not only exposes these events for what they are but also details the connections between the Custer Battlefield Museum, Gibson Guitar, and Operation Cerberus raids. It also reveals the complicit role the US federal law enforcement system played in the execution of those raids. Through never-before-published documents, Arrow to the Heart, makes readers aware of how federal law enforcement agencies operated and overreached their authority during and even before the presidency of Barack Obama.

During his fight with the federal government, Kortlander also unearthed damning information concerning the election of Montana Senator Jon Tester. In Arrow to the Heart, Kortlander details voter fraud that took place when Tester was first elected to the United States Senate in 2006, which changed the Senate majority from Republican to Democrat.

Because state election laws do not apply on some Montana Indian Reservations, some reservation ballot boxes were left unsecured, allowing voter fraud to occur, which pushed Tester to a win in Montana and Democrats to control of the Senate nationally by 0.87% of the official vote that year. Kortlander’s book contains documentation proving that Tester’s campaign wrote checks to influence Native American voters at the ballot station. This stunning information continues to have national implications as Tester can now be exposed by his Republican opponent for having benefitted from voter fraud, even as he seeks reelection in 2018.

With so much publicity in recent years covering the Cliven Bundy Ranch Standoff and the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Kortlander’s book exposes a growing and justified fear of federal encroachment on the Constitutional rights belonging to you, me and all US citizens.

Arrow to the Heart includes a topical and richly written foreword by Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy. Written while awaiting trial in solitary confinement in the federal detention center in Pahrump, Nevada, Bundy gives his thoughts on federal government overreach and the implications it has for the lives of all American citizens.


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