This West Is OUR West

Comments on the Oct 13th Conference - sent to this website

Oct 3, 2018

The Bundy and Hammond families are HEROES in my book. I followed the story faithfully, what was done to those families was mind boggling.  Bob Brown's comments turned my stomach. How many acres of land did Montana lose on his watch, while he was in politics. I'm still praying that all the corrupt individuals in Nevada and Oregon are held accountable for their actions. Pease Lopez needs to investigate what really happened and find out how off base he is about what they believe in and what they did to clean up the wild life refuge of Indian artifacts. Bless you and your crew who are organizing this event. I pray that I will be there Saturday.

Thank you!


Lisa McArthur, Great Falls

* * *

Oct 4, 2018

Your group is called "This west is our west." Who do you mean by 'Our?" Who are "we?" It would seem by your website that you define "We" as landowners, irrigators, farmers and ranchers. Well, what about everyone else?

I believe that public land should belong to everyone, and that specifically means that is CANNOT belong to individuals. While you seem to think that the government exists in Washington and represents outsiders, it is actually a large conglomerate that represents the U.S. public. It is not perfect, but I can hunt and hike and camp on federal land, whereas I get closed gates and pot-shots taken at me on land owned by "landowners, irrigators, farmers and ranchers."

As you don't represent the public interest AT ALL, you should change the name of your group to be more more specific to who you really represent. You are an elitist organization that is against western values. Also, I assume this comment will not be posted, as you likely only post comments that agree with you. Shame.

Kyle Langley

P.S. I will be in Whitefish on the 13th to share my opinions with your group in person