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Democrats' Plans for Farmers and Ranchers are Alarming

Bill Colley | April 12, 2019

Politicians speak in riddles.  They learn to say something that sounds profound, usually isn’t and also allows them an escape hatch.  In other words, later they can tell us we didn’t understand what they were saying.

American farmers and ranchers live by weather and climate.  We’re told these are distinct things but climate would be a measure of weather events as a yardstick is a measure of inches.

The Green New Deal crowd don’t mean you well if you farm.  Given power, they would dictate the choices you make with land use and what and when you grow.

Witness Democrat Beto O’Rourke.  He desperately wants to be President.  If you click here you can read about the gobbledygook he’s spreading like manure on a spring day.

It’s his reference to allowing farmers to “contribute their fair share” that should make us nervous.

Heck, entire crops are being abandoned in California to supply the demands liberals have for marijuana.  The impact on the supply chain and cost for food could be immense.  Now they apparently plan to place limits and quotas on other crops.  State planning!