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Dog tired: A solution to the old CSKT Water Compact

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | November 29, 2018

Dog tired no more! A solution has finally materialized.

A solution to the old CSKT Water Compact, aka, the “Governments” Compact. A solution recently introduced at Leon Hall, Charlo. A solution widely accepted by the 100+ participants who listened to the credible panel of current Montana legislators.

The solution is an alternative to the old CSKT water compact, essentially a new compact, called the Peoples Compact. A solution which offers a final settlement to the only remaining federal Court of Claims grievance filed by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, in 1951, regarding their federal reserved water rights. A solution that follows all past federal court of claims settlement procedures. A settlement procedure awarding an 85 percent, per capita and tax-free funding, directly to all actively enrolled CSKT tribal members with the remaining 15 percent being awarded directly to the CSKT Corporation.

In other words, a solution to directly provide tribal members with a fair settlement payment.

In addition, a solution garnering $200 million from the Bureau of Reclamation to rehabilitate the Flathead Irrigation & Power Project. A solution that mirrors the template of all previously settled Montana State/Tribal Compacts. A lawful solution. A solution within the jurisdiction of Congress. A solution that does not require Montana State approval prior to congressional ratification.

A real solution where all sides win. Be part of the solution and enthusiastically read for yourself at:

David Passieri, St Ignatius