This West Is OUR West

Is global left working to divide U.S.?

By Elaine Willman, Ronan

Have you readers snapped to the national Sea Change yet? It’s no longer the incessant accusations of Trump Administration collusion with Russia-Russia-Russia. That is a dead horse that concerned a minority of Americans. The long-sought evidence of collusion is recently, clearly and validly pointing the Ol’ Collusion Cannon to the Obama administration and Democrats. Oh dear, we can’t have that! So the Malstream Media shift is now to Race-Race-Race, a much more volatile strategy to disembowel our country.

Decades of vigorously promoting multiculturalism, diversity and separatism has set the stage for an explosion of identity politics pitting one culture against another, one ethnicity against another, left against right, black against white, etc. Add the fuel of radical Islamic terrorism into the mix that has been politically protected and tolerated for decades, and why wouldn’t other sectors of our country follow suit with apparently acceptable levels of violence, assured by local law enforcement standing down?

The game is to forever bring down that nefarious U.S. Constitution put together by our Founders, the evil white slave owners that had the audacity to promote freedom and individual liberty, responsibility and self-reliance. What were they thinking?

Elitism, communalism, communism, and one-global mindset is the game. No military coup is necessary when Americans can be goaded into hating and harming each other. The United States must cease to exist, and is now being taken down by our own countrymen who ‘nary would identify themselves as Americans unless there’s a hyphenation in front of this dastardly word.

There were no clean hands with any component of the Charlottesville horror. But that event lit an intended fuse across this country. Does anyone really think that the logistics, plans and outcome of that event were just coincidental? I surely don’t.  It was a two-fer:  1) a hopeful final blow to the Trump Presidency (because North Korea’s threats were not); and 2) beginning of the end of the United States as we once knew it.

We are all Americans in desperate need of uniting, but will we?