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Jon Tester's Solid Principles and Beliefs

Letter to the Editor: Downing will uphold constitutions

April 6, 2018

            There is no doubt that Jon Tester has hammered into his political platform the following principles, deeply embedded into the CSKT Water Compact:

  1. The U.S. Constitution is irrelevant.
  2. The Montana State Constitution is flexible.
  3. The CSKT Tribal Constitution is insignificant.
  4. U.S. Supreme Court rulings on water should be ignored.
  5. Tribal sovereignty is superior to and more precious than State sovereignty.
  6. The feds, state and tribe must steal water rights attached to property deeds.
  7. A senator’s Oath of Office must prioritize tribalism.
  8. A Territorial War Power against the State of Montana is the right way to implement a water compact.
  9. Montana State Legislature is subservient to a Senator’s decisions.
  10. Montana waters should rightfully be owned and managed by the federal government.

            The CSKT Compact directly accomplishes the above, and Senator Tester is hell bent to get this done to his Montana voters. Meanwhile, Tester’s slick TV ads roll every 15 minutes on major networks because Senator Tester is convinced of another important principle:  Montanans are uninformed, gullible and will follow him over the cliff. And when that happens, the ten guiding principles noted above will roll out for all Montana tribes across the state.

            Senator Tester was born in Montana so surely he knows what’s best.  I’ll be voting for Troy Downing to uphold all constitutions, keeping property owners and Montana safe from Senator Tester. A sharp business man owned by no one makes good sense.

Elaine Willman, Ronan MT