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MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH (with Richard Gage & Barbara Honegger)

Dec 1, 2018

World Alternative Media | LCfor911

The Petition from Lawyers Committee For 9/11 Inquiry (LCfor911) was acknowledged by a U.S. Attorney and they state that they will comply with Federal law requiring submission of their report to a Special Grand Jury.

The LCfor911 petition outlines the many crimes and evidence of wrong-doing associated with the 9/11 False Flag operation which brought in the surveillance state and the endless, ongoing wars in the Middle East.

Will the Trump Administration, unlike the Bush and Obama Administration, stop covering for the crimes of the Deep State in this most horrific injustice against humanity?  If Trump is serious about taking down the Deep State, then this needs to be exposed and we need to return to the Rule of Law.

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From their website:

The official explanation of the events on and surrounding 9/11 has not been established in a court of law or by an objective and thorough investigation by either Congress or the 9/11 Commission.  Our overall mission is to develop and implement a detailed legal strategy to achieve transparency and accountability under the law, regarding the unprosecuted crimes of 9/11!

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Congress initiated the “Joint Inquiry” and the government eventually also created the 9/11 Commission to investigate and explain what had occurred.  Almost immediately, and in the years thereafter, serious questions were raised about both the Joint House and Senate Intelligence Committees’ Inquiry and the 9/11 Commission’s version of the events surrounding 9/11. Many observers, including notably the families of the victims, criticized both inquiries for failing to address key questions.