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Taking Over the Civil Rights Movement to Forge the New Amerika

By Sara Hall, August 26, 2020

The recent riots taking place in major cities under the auspices of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa appear to be the culmination of a century of Marxist strategy to take down the United States and, in its place, raise up a communist/socialist America by use of race hatred and coalition building. This strategy has been consistently implemented in the United States by KGB, Cuban and domestic Marxists. It has had its setbacks and triumphs, but has persisted by stealth until the present day.

The plan began while Russia was still in the throes of the Bolshevik Revolution. William Odell Nowell and Louis Rosser, two former African-American communists, testified before Congress. Nowell had gone to the Soviet Union in 1929, and while in Moscow, was briefed on plans to foment an “African-American uprising in the South, which, in turn, would join with a workers’ uprising in the North. When the revolution was deemed ripe, the two forces would seize and reconstitute America as a Soviet sister state.” (Kengor p. 40).

Nowell had learned that ‘the question of the American Negro’ had first come up in 1920 at the Second World Congress of the Communist International (Comintern), and discussions had evidently been suggested by Lenin’s ‘Letter to American Workers.’ Out of these discussions, a resolution was formed and issued to the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Active measures were then initiated to implement the plan (Kengor, pp. 40-41).

Throughout the 1920’s, ‘30s and into the‘40s and 50’s the KGB ran the CPUSA from Moscow , and used CPUSA members and progressive dupes to spread propaganda to the effect that the New Soviet Union was a just and shining paradise for African-Americans and other minorities, while America was the land of capitalist slaveholders. Soviet agents of influence tried to infiltrate and engage the NAACP in their coalition. They were rejected by wise leaders of that organization. But they did end up influencing many progressives, Black and White, in education, religion, the arts and public life. In 1953 when Stalin died, Paul Robeson, who believed every word of the Soviet propaganda, mourned Stalin’s passing, portraying that butcher of millions of every nationality and ethnicity as a kindly, good man of wisdom and deep humanity (Kengor, p.72).

Attempts to Co-opt Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jump ahead to the 1960’s and the civil rights movement. According to secret KGB archives, witnessed by ex-KGB officer Vasili Mitrokhin, and from which he took extensive notes, the KGB tried to turn Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. into their man. They thought that secret Party members in his entourage would be able to influence his policies. Obviously, they hoped that King would lead the vanguard of American Blacks who would bring about the Revolution. They were disappointed when “King repeatedly linked the aims of the civil rights movement not to the alleged worldwide struggle against American imperialism but to the fulfillment of the American dream and ‘the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence’ (Andrew and Mitrokhin, p.237).

Stanley Kurtz tells us that, in 1983, the Democratic Socialists of America issued a pamphlet claiming that, toward the end of his life, Dr. King became a democratic socialist. The pamphlet included an essay by historian David Garrow entitled From Reformer to Revolutionary. In 1984, the Socialist Scholars Conference offered a panel on Dr. King and Democratic Socialism. It featured Garrow, John Ansbro and James Cone, founder of Black Liberation Theology and mentor to Jeremiah Wright, and Cornel West (p. 69). Garrow’s essay included introductory remarks by sociologist Paulette Pierce. She described King’s loss of faith in America and the free-enterprise system, and his call for a complete change in the structure of American life. Pierce claimed that, in the end, King believed that private ownership and control of the means of production contradicted his Christian beliefs (pp. 70-71). It appears that, in socialist circles, this narrative has been established from that point on.

Writers differ as to the truth of this narrative, however. Andrew and Mitrokhin tell us that when the Centre (KGB) saw that it was futile to turn King into a socialist/communist, they aimed instead at replacing him as the leader of the civil rights movement with a leader more radical and malleable than he. The Centre approved an operational plan to discredit King and his chief lieutenants by articles, later printed in American newspapers, as an ‘Uncle Tom’ “who was secretly receiving government subsidies to tame the civil rights movement… [The Centre] sought to exploit the violent images of the long, hot summers which began in August 1965 with race riots in Watts, [and] the black Los Angeles ghetto.” The Centre seemed to hope that the intense violence would sweep King aside, so that he could be replaced by black radical revolutionaries, such as Stokely Carmichael, who told “a meeting of Third World revolutionaries in Cuba in the summer of 1967, ‘We have a common enemy. Our struggle is to overthrow this system…We are moving into open guerilla warfare in the United States.’” (pp. 237-38).

Enter Havana

Beginning in the mid-1960s, Cuba took many American student anti-Vietnam war protestors to Cuba and trained them how to conduct revolution in the United States.  As of 1969, Cuban Intelligence (DGI) was entirely under the control of the KGB. During the 1970s hundreds of students went to Cuba, ostensibly to help with the sugar cane harvests. While there, they were trained by the DGI in violent revolutionary tactics and encouraged to return to the United States and foment violence on our streets. Among these travelers was Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground.  These now-trained young people were funded thousands of dollars to conduct revolution in the United States and even Canada (KGB Connections).

I was reminded of these events when I first learned about a year ago that 500 Antifa troops were trained in Northern Syria by Marxist Kurds.

Religion Yoked to the Revolution

Former Lieutenant General of Romanian Intelligence, Ion Mihai Pacepa worked with the KGB when Romania was part of the Soviet Bloc. He informs us that Khrushchev was responsible for installing the Castro brothers in Havana in 1959. Pacepa’s foreign intelligence service became involved with helping Cuba export its new communism to all of Latin America. To do this the KGB invented a new religion because the population of Latin America was widely religious, and Khrushchev hoped to manipulate their religious beliefs. The name of this newly invented religion was Liberation Theology (Pacepa and Rychlak, p.106).

In America, in 1983, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was portrayed as no longer believing that private ownership, and control, of the means of production was consistent with his Christian beliefs, this was highly convenient for both Black Liberation Theology and the socialist revolution. King’s beliefs could now be seen as being in harmony with Marxist Liberation Theology. And indeed, Kurtz tells us how Black Liberation Theologians, Jeremiah Wright and James Cone, and then Democratic Presidential Candidate, Jesse Jackson paid a visit to Castro’s Cuba in 1984. Cone and Wright were visiting at that time as members of the Black Theology Project (BTP). The purpose of BTP’s visit was to participate in an ecumenical theological seminar involving a memorial celebration in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kurtz relates that at the University of Havana, Jesse Jackson led chants of

“Long live Fidel Castro! Long live Martin Luther King! Long live Che Guevara! In the pages of the liberal New Republic, Glen C. Loury, then a professor of public policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, condemned Jackson’s ‘clear suggestion that Martin Luther King’s movement and Che Guevara’s movement are on the same moral and political plane.’ Added Loury: ‘Such cavalier use of King’s moral legacy will only squander it’” (Kurtz pp. 72-73).

Kurtz goes on to comment

“Then, in a November 2, 1984, Wall Street Journal op-ed piece, Diego A. Abich revealed at least a part of the story behind the Jackson-BTP adventure in Cuba. According to Abich, the Cuban government took extraordinary steps to make certain that Jackson’s visit coincided with that of the BTP delegation. BTP’s ecumenical hosts in Cuba were not the conservative religious traditionalists so disfavored by Castro, but instead a Marxist theological group controlled by the Cuban government. In fact the seminars held by BTP’s “ecumenical” hosts took place in facilities controlled by Cuba’s intelligence agency, DGI…. Along with initial soundings among Cone’s circle at Union Theological Seminary in the early months of 1984, says Abich, a Cuban “evangelical” operative approached Jeremiah Wright about organizing a Martin Luther King memorial conference, while Wright was on a March 1984 visit to the Marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. Abich then explains how Castro turned the joint Jackson-BTP visit into a major event, milking it for propaganda worldwide, while counting on BTP to sow political discontent in America” (pp. 73-74).

Andrew and Mitrokhin comment on the KGB’s use of Dr. King’s legacy after his death: “Henceforth, instead of dismissing King as an Uncle Tom, Service A portrayed him as a martyr of the black liberation movement and spread conspiracy theories alleging that his murder had been planned by white racists with the connivance of the authorities” (p.238).

Ending the Century in Typical Marxist Style

During the second half of the 20th Century, the KGB continued their extensive disinformation and terrorist campaigns to frame America as a hopelessly racist country and to inspire race hatred. This campaign was carried on even after the fall of the Soviet Union. Just a few examples follow:

• In 1967 the Centre (Soviet Intelligence) authorized Yuri Modin, deputy head of Service A, to “forge and distribute through illegal channels a document showing that the John Birch Society, in conjunction with the Minuteman organization, [was] developing a plan for the physical elimination of leading figures in the Negro movement in the US.”

• In 1971, the Centre ordered the use of explosives set off in “the Negro section of New York,” preferably at “one of the Negro colleges,” in order to exacerbate racial tensions in New York. They then blamed the explosions on the Jewish Defense League.

• In 1984, Line PR officers in the Washington Soviet residency mailed bogus communications from the Klu Klux Klan threatening murder and mayhem to any black Africans who dared to attend the Olympic games in Los Angeles that year. These tactics continued as the Soviet stock-in-trade throughout the Cold War (Anderson and Mitrokhin, pp. 238-39).

• Then, in 1996, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the National Council of Churches (NCC) and the Center for Democratic Renewal (CDR), two secretly Marxist organizations with headquarters in the United States, released a sensational story to the press claiming that there had been a huge increase in arsons committed against black churches in the US (Pacepa and Rychlak p. 1).

Later that year, President Bill Clinton proposed a federal task force to investigate these fires, and spoke of his own vivid and painful memories of black churches being burned in his childhood home, Arkansas. He charged that racial hostility was the driving force behind the arson cases and assigned two hundred FBI and ATF federal agents to investigate accounts of arson against black churches. Over twenty-two hundred articles appeared in the press condemning what the CDR called a “well- organized white-supremacist movement” (Pacepa and Rychlak, p. 2).

Then the National Fire Protection Association established that there had actually been far fewer church fires in recent years. Law enforcement could not confirm any of the reported fires as having been racially motivated. On top of that, no church burnings at all had occurred in Arkansas during Clinton’s childhood. The NCC was accused of creating a “great church-fire hoax” (Pacepa and Rychlak p. 2).

Pacepa and Rychlak tell us that this story spread worldwide, and people polled in other countries reported viewing America as a neo-Nazi, racist country. American Democrat Party leaders began to describe the United States as a decaying, racist, capitalist realm (p. 3).

The Weathermen Go Underground

This takes us to Stanley Kurtz’ fascinating account of how American Socialists forced a realignment of the Democratic Party to the left. Evidently, in the Reagan years, the American people made it clear that they did not want a Socialist country. Michael Harrington, at the time considered one of the leading Democratic Socialists in the United States, proposed to fellow American socialists that they should use strategies in electoral politics to force moderates out of the Democratic Party, and put Socialists in their place. At first radical revolutionaries resisted Harrington’s gradualist policies, still believing, as Stanley Aronowitz did, that the key to revolution lay in letting blacks lead the way by forming anti-police self-defense committees, as the police were the arm of the ruling class. Then other Americans should follow “their revolutionary example” (p.32). These radicals, whose views Bill Ayers shared, hoped to escalate race riots on the streets into a full-scale revolution by burning twenty American cities, followed by a military struggle in the streets (p.33).

Sound familiar at all?

Later, in the 80s, when radicals saw that Harrington’s proposals could work they embraced his plan; they toned down their rhetoric and concealed their Marxist beliefs, and worked to elect political leaders who indicated a willingness to work with them.

Kurtz spends several sections in his book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism, showing how American Marxists passed the next decades, until the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency. They worked behind the scenes to create a new Democratic Party with a socialist ideology. Evidently they were successful, if Trevor Loudon’s list of 50 members of Congress who are Socialists or Communists is any indication.

Socialists and radical revolutionaries also worked to create the constituent groups who would vote for these leftists. One way of doing this was to preach variants of the KGB gospel. Liberation Theology and Black Liberation Theology were preached in American churches and neighborhoods, not to mention throughout Latin America.

Bill Ayers worked with Barack Obama to fund radical projects in education and community organizing through the Weiboldt Foundation, the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Kurtz tells us “Ayers moderated his rhetoric…. Yet his goals remained unchanged—the creation of a minority-led mass movement for a socialist change in America. To fund his efforts, Ayers turned to Chicago’s leftist foundation world, and this eventually brought him into a close alliance with Barack Obama” (p.274).

Framing your Adversaries

Pacepa and Rychlak explain that the art of disinformation makes use of two major principles: first the disinformation made use of must have a kernel of truth to it. This is so that it can never be proven false and laid to rest. Second, it must be circulated by seemingly unconnected, neutral agents such as newspapers, universities, teachers, pastors, celebrities, etc. The authors demonstrate how disinformation takes on a life of its own, and can persist in culture many decades after it has been first disseminated, because, most often, the agents of circulation have no idea where their information first came from, and assume it to be true.

In addition, in order to take down a target of disinformation, a human target must be framed as something other than what he or she is. Traditionally, one of the KGB’s favorite tactics was to reframe the person’s past, presenting the target as a Nazi collaborator. In the 20th Century, communists in the United States framed anti-communists as fascists trying to attack civil liberties (Kengor, p.107). Communists have always presented themselves as the fighters of fascism, and continue to do so to this day.

I think this is the reason that America must be framed as a neo-Nazi country full of White Supremacists. The same is true for Donald Trump and his supporters. They must be presented as fascists, who are opposed by Antifa, anti-fascist fighters. And if the objective is to take down a country using race hatred, we must define racism as being “systemic,” the product of a country that needs restructuring, a definition wholly in harmony with a Marxist view of the world. If America is a systemically racist, neo-Nazi country, then to be a patriot becomes an act of racism. Of course nationalism is then also a form of racism. Nationalism must be dubbed White Nationalism to keep it within the framework needed to implement this Marxist strategy.

Pacepa and Rychlak maintain that the art of disinformation was alive and well during the Presidency of Barack Obama, and has continued to be a driving force for the socialist transformation of America. Why fix something that works?

Beast with Two Heads

Now it appears that globalists and communists/socialists have joined forces. In her essay, The ‘Purple Revolution: ’U.S. Hybrid Warfare Coming Home to Roost? Cynthia McKinney tells us, George Soros overwhelmingly uses his vast wealth to help Democrats be elected to Congress, and to support organizations and projects that oppose Donald Trump. In addition, Soros has provided extensive funding to Black Lives Matter and for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for President. Let’s not forget that Clinton’s Ph.D. thesis was on Saul Alinsky’s radical strategies. Now, instead of thousands of dollars, revolutionaries have millions.

Ironically, McKinney informs us that a record number of ex-CIA, and other intelligence and military officers ran for Congress as Democrats in 2018. Again, according to McKinney, intelligence agencies are known to have been a critical part of hybrid warfare operations run in other countries under both Bush and Obama administrations.

Revolution 101

Like Marxist strategy, hybrid warfare proceeds by creating opposition groups to sow discontent and to conduct rioting in a target country in order to destabilize and take down a regime. It appears that George Soros and his billionaire cronies have embraced the socialist agenda, and are trying to build on more than a hundred years of disinformation and active measures taken to bring America to this crisis. McKinney warns that, in order to conduct hybrid warfare, the “easiest entry point [into a country] is in destabilizing discriminated-against minority groups” (p.21).

It would not be unprecedented for socialists to cooperate with corporate globalists in their efforts to bring down America. First of all, it must be realized that leftist thinkers were internationalist in scope from the days before the French Revolution. World revolution has been their vision from the first, particularly under the Soviets. Corporate globalists want to control world markets and create monopolies to increase their profits (consider their relationship with Red China and their love of NAFTA). Perhaps this is why Amazon, Facebook, Starbucks, Google and others are playing into the narrative. Soros wants to control the money supply, and who knows what else drives the man, perhaps his desire for a One World Order. It would not be the first time that corporatists and socialists have collaborated to take down governments and control markets, but that is material for another blog post.

Meanwhile, at the international level, Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner of United Nations Human Rights, and a well known communist with ties to prominent communists all over Latin America, goes on beating the proverbial drum. Since George Floyd’s death, she repeats the Marxist disinformation mantra about America being a deeply racist country in need of restructuring. She’s still faithful to the revolution after all these years.

Last, Something More to Think About

As Americans, we need to be alert to these developments. With American citizens being forced to defend their homes, and even lives, we need to be mindful of the long-lived disinformation campaign that still slanders America in the eyes of the world. The left seeks to portray citizens exercising self-defense of life, home and country as white supremacists defending a deeply racist nation. To reinforce their propaganda, the left will seize upon the fact that police are joining with the patriots, as Marxists see police as the arm of the ruling class. Since Trump is a threat to the New World Order, there are those who may seek to profit by these carefully molded world perceptions. This could lead to some serious consequences if outside forces get involved.

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* * *

Published with permission. Originally published August 22, 2020 by Sara Hall on The Daily Herb