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The Idaho Public Utilities Commission has decided to cancel the July 23rd hearing in Boise!



They are also indefinitely delaying further consideration of the Hydro One/Avista merger application until after the new Hydro One board is in place.

"We are encouraged by the Commission's principled, deliberate approach to this very troubling merger proposal.  It is not being rushed through, as Hydro One and Avista have previously requested.

“It is yet to be seen whether Hydro One and Avista will be able to satisfy their burden in meeting the Idaho statute and showing that the merger will not result in future increases in costs and rates to Avista and its customers, or that the merger is otherwise in the public interest.  To date, they have been unable to do so.  It is doubtful that a new board, a new CEO, and more time to prepare for the hearing is going to change that."

 Norman Semanko - Attorney for Avista Customer Group

(Norman Semanko has worked with and continues to represent NWPOA in the Water Rights issues with the CDA tribe.)


The Idaho Public Utilities Commission also granted the Idaho Department of Water Rights motion to intervene and noted that IDWR has a statutory right to participate and the Commission is required to incorporated IDWR's conditions into its ruling.

The IDWR will insure that Idaho law is followed and that Idaho water rights are respected!

Thank you to Norman Semanko and the Avista Customer Group for helping with this issue.

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Avista/Hydro One Townhall - April 2018

NWPOA hosted a Townhall on the consequences of Avista being purchased by Hydro One.  David Boleneus presented information on the merger.

Watch the video to learn more!