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Video: "Tons" of Non-citizens Are Voting

Wednesday, 07 November 2018  

Written by R. Cort Kirkwood

Just a day after the Washington Post assured readers that voter fraud isn’t a problem, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he will launch an investigation into voter fraud in the Lone Star State’s Travis County.

Abbott acted after Project Veritas released yet another of its startling undercover videos.

This one has poll workers telling PV’s reporter that non-citizens can vote as long as they are registered.

The Video

The video (posted below), a little more than two minutes long, catches two poll workers who admit noncitizens are voting.

The PV journalist approached the two with a bogus story about an illegal-alien boyfriend whom she called a Dreamer and DACA recipient. The fictive boyfriend is registered to vote but afraid to do so because he is not a citizen. DACA is Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, the long name for President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for illegal-alien children.

Approaching the first poll worker, the journalist asked, “So let's just say my boyfriend is a Dreamer, but he's registered to vote. He just needs his ID right?”

“Uh-huh. That's it,” the worker replied.

“That's it. So as long as he's registered?”

“Yeah,” the worker replied.

Then the PV journalist disclosed why she asked:

“Can I just ask you a question? I went back and we went and grabbed his driver's license. He's just, he's saying something about how some people are questioning whether it’s legal since he's not a citizen, but he was able to register.”

Worker: If he has his ID that’s all he needs. If he’s registered.

PV: Right. It doesn't matter that he's not a citizen.

Worker: “No! No, if he's registered, he has a ... honey it might not be that he's registered. If he's giving you all this trouble it may not be that he's registered.

PV: No, he is registered.

Worker: Where’s his ID then?

PV: He’s got it with him, we went home and grabbed his driver's license. Cause he’s a DACA recipient, so he was able to get a driver license. He’s saying some mess that he saw something on the Internet saying that it’s not legal for him to vote since he’s not a citizen.

Worker: Who said he can't vote?

PV: Someone said on the internet, I don't know.

Worker: Don’t pay attention to that. No. Bring him up here.

PV: We have Dreamers voting right?

Worker: If he has a voter registration card he’s registered to vote. He has an ID? He has a drivers license?

PV: Right.

Worker: Texas ID or a passport?

PV: Right.

Worker: Bring it up here, that’s his ID, show it to them, and then he can vote.

The next worker admitted that voter fraud is widespread, contrary to leftist news reports.

PV: I just had a question because my, so, let’s say my boyfriend is out in the car, yeah, and he’s really just nervous because he's a DACA recipient? He was able to register though.

Worker: You just trying to see if he's in the system.

PV: Uh, well, no, he is in the system, but he knows that like, I don't know, there’s like an issue with DACA people voting.

Worker: No. You tell him no. We got a lot of ’em.

PV: You’ve got a lot of ’em.

Worker: Mmhmm. From early voters? We got tons of them.

PV: Tons of DACA voters? OK.

Worker: Go get him, bring him in.

PV: Alright. Will do. He just needs his ID, right?

Worker: That’s it. Drivers license? He’s good.

PV: And it doesn’t matter that he’s not a citizen?

Worker: No ma’am.

Abbott Tweets

Unsurprisingly, the governor wasn’t happy. “I can’t verify if this is accurate,” Abbott tweeted. “I CAN verify that it will be investigated and if it IS accurate, illegal votes will be tossed out and wrongdoers will be prosecuted.”

Deputy Clerk Ronald Morgan, Jr. told the Austin-American Statesman that the video is “distorting reality” and that the poll workers didn’t know what the journalist was asking because she used the term Dreamers, despite her repeatedly sayng her boyfriend was not a citizen. He also lambasted the governor for joining an “‘alt-right’ fringe group run by a convicted criminal to score cheap political points at the expense of poll workers.”

PV, he said, might have trespassed the law forbidding electronic devices near voting booths.

Like the Post, the Statesman noted that “instances of voter fraud, including by non-citizens, are rare.”