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Whistleblower Bombshell: Here's What President Trump Has On Senator Jon Tester


April 29, 2018

By petesantillishow

SPECIAL REPORT: By Pete Santilli, Host of The Pete Santilli Show

Pete Santilli interviews Chris Kortlander, whistleblower and Author of the recently released book “Arrow To The Heart”.  Arrow to the Heart is the new, non-fiction book by Christopher Kortlander that tells the gripping account of how he fought off the federal government and exposed a vast conspiracy of corruption and espionage.  Recently, President Trump became incensed by the false & unverified allegations floated by Senator Jon Tester on CNN (with the help of CIA asset Anderson Cooper) towards VA Secretary Nominee Dr. Ronny Jackson. Mr. Kortlander has spent over a decade documenting Tester’s election in 2006 by voter fraud. This interview is literally a bombshell revelation that has never been formally investigated by the #DeepState Swamp-Monsters.

In the spring of 2005, a federally orchestrated raid took place at the small, historic town of Garryowen, Montana. Christopher Kortlander owns and operates Garryowen and was the focus of the raid. He was suspected of selling valuable historical artifacts with false provenance and illegally possessing eagle war feather bonnets and Native American artifacts. Kortlander vigorously fought this criminal allegation and eventually revealed a vast conspiracy of government corruption and espionage.

He also exposed stunning connections between the Custer Battlefield Museum raid, the Gibson Guitar raid, and a raid in rural Utah (Operation Cerberus Action) that led to the suicides of multiple people.

Arrow to the Heart differs from competing books in that it brings new and never before published information exposing government corruption at the highest levels. No other book attempts to do this. Arrow is written in an entertaining narrative highlighted by stunning never before published photographs that help to enhance the reader’s experience.

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