This West Is OUR West

Ill Fares the Land: The Famine Planned for America


By Dan P. Van Gorder (Copyright 1966)

Food Facts-U.S.A.

  • American Agriculture could easily feed the entire country—and millions of other people besides, BUT—
  • American agriculture is falling tragically short of supplying our own people
  • There never has been and there is not now any food “surplus” in America
  • What are called “surpluses” are comprised of food stuffs bought up by the government and stored—to make room for low cost foreign food imports
  • We have only a few week’s food supply on hand
  • The “overproduction” thesis is a hoax
  • We are now very heavily dependent on foreign trade for food—a fragile thread on which to hang the survival of America in an increasingly hostile world
  • In case of world conflict or widespread internal strife we would be at the mercy of many unsympathetic foreign countries
  • The vicious weapon of famine—when combined with other weapons of the world socialist revolution—is designed to bring America to its knees
  • An army “marches on its stomach” and so does a people—if you can’t eat you can’t resist
  • All true? Read this book for the facts—BASED ENTIRELY UPON U.S. GOVERNMENT STATISTICS

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